Thursday, December 24, 2009

december 24th, 2009

Merry Christmas eve everyone:) Everything has been alright so far for winter break. Half day on Wednesday and today we had off which means we don't go back to school for a whilee. Yay! Hahhaa. Yesterday i found out i am near sited which means i need glasses. Any cute ones you know of? I want black frames and I am not sure exactly of what or where I am getting them. Mom and dad where making all this food today for tomorrow and the next day(family parties so people are comin over). They played christmas music ALL day while I was trying to read my book Alice, I think. I have about 14O pages to read which i am making myself finish before break ends. It isn't my kind of genre but it is good so far. Anyway back to christmas music. Have you noticed that people like Taylor Swift and others have made new CD's with old christmas songs on them just with them singing? And a lot of people think that they are a lot better than the old versions. I really do think that they need to play more of teh newer songs insted of replaying the old ones over and over and over again. It just makes people frusterated insted of getting them into the christmas spirit. Some girls at my school are making big deals that they are getting Justin Bieber stuff or christmas from their parents. And they have been obsessed with this guy for like what three weeks? A month or two? Its kinda sad since most of them keep saying"I will be Justin Drew Bieber's wife" He is fifteen and most of you are fourteen or thirteen. Get over it there is a .5% that he will even meet you and LIKE you! He is almost like the new Jonas Brothers. Last year a lot of girls where obsessing with the three boys and all teh girls where "sure they were going to marry one of them". Its crazy.
Song of the day: Music is my hot, hot sex by CSS